Wills & Probate Attorney, Tyler, East Texas

Richard has been helping clients and families with wills and probate matters for many years. A properly and carefully crafted will can solve and avoid many problems. How to name guardians for minor children in a will, how to set up a trust for minors in your will, picking the right person to administer your estate are all important areas you should discuss with an experienced attorney.

Few people prepare their own wills properly. Beware of creating your own wills and other estate planning documents "cheaply" at do-it-yourself websites. These documents prepared are based on your having knowledge in the area that most non-attorneys do not possess. Therefore, the documents generated are often incomplete or have unintended consequences. It is amazing that people will spend thousands of dollars on weddings and funerals, but handle so carelessly one of their most important legal matters—the disposition of their estate, and the proper care of themselves in the event of incapacity. Subsequent marriages can create unique challenges a person or couple should consider when having wills prepared.

Most do-it-yourself wills that I have dealt with end up costing the decedent's estate far more money in litigation expenses than I would ever have charged to set up the wills properly at the front end. I'll hire you to build my brick wall and perform my surgery; you hire me to prepare your will! Call today for more information.